Best Kids Mountain Bike Goggles – A Guide for Parents

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Even before the introduction of BB Guns, parents have been pretty adamant about protecting their kid’s eyes.

And if your child happens to be a Mountain Biker, this is definitely something you worry about when their riding rough and muddy trails.

Naturally, you want them to have the most protection possible without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Luckily Mountain Biking has been around long enough to infect the minds of our youth, pushing manufacturers to develop gear and goggles comparable to the ones made for adults.

Since MTB Goggles provide the most eye protection, they are the most popular form of eye protection for younger riders. Which makes it even easier to find the best quality and performance goggles available for your own kids.

To help you find the best pair of Mountain Bike goggles for your child, we created a list of the best MTB Goggles below, along with some criteria to help you make the best decision.

best kids mtb goggles list

Quick Answer: The 10 Best Kids Mountain Bike Goggles

Here is an at-a-glance look at some of my Top Rated Kids Mountain Bike Goggles, along with a quick classification. For more in-depth reviews of each Kids Goggle and their features, please read further below.

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Keep reading for a better breakdown of each MTB Goggle, along with some information to help you make the right choice for you and your little rider

Sizes – Youth

Fitment – specially designed for Youth head sizes

Frame – Flexible, but strong urethane with matte and gloss finish

Lens – Clear, Mirror and Rx, Anti-Fog and Scratch-Resistant

Strap – 40mm silicon coated strap

Available on Amazon starting at $35

One of the more stylish pair of MTB Goggles, the Strata JR Youth MTB Goggles from 100% are some of my favorite MTB Goggles for kids.

They are designed especially for the smaller head sizes, with a strong but flexible frame to help your child feel more comfortable when them on their face.

You can buy these with clear or mirrored lenses, and you can ever request Prescription lenses.

They can feel a little bulky at first, but they offer some of the best visibility of all youth MTB Goggles.

Sizes – Small

Fitment – specially designed for the smallest of riders

Frame – flexible but strong urethane with matte and gloss finish

Lens – Clear or Mirror, Anti-Fog and Scratch-Resistant

Strap – 40mm silicon coated strap

Available on Amazon starting at $17.04

If you’re interested in the Strata JR but are looking for something more low profile and smaller, the Strata Mini may be the best option for your child.

This pair of kids MTB Goggles has a lot of the great features of its big brother, but is made for the “smallest of riders”.

Anti-fog lenses and the same 40mm strap as the JR, this is a great option for riders who aren’t yet ready for the larger Goggles.

Sizes – Youth

Fitment – Designed for optimal field of view

Frame – Lightweight polyurethane frame

Lens – premium anti-scratch & anti-fog coatings

Strap – 40mm adjustable double buckle strap

Available on Amazon starting at $19.76

If you’re looking for Youth MTB Goggles with massive visibility and field of view, you might be interested in the Youth Focus Goggle from Fly Racing.

Offered in a variety of styles, including two Hi-Vis options, these youth Goggles are highly recommended and reviewed.

In similar fashion to the rest of the MTB Goggles on this list, the Focus Youth Goggle comes with premium anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings on the lenses.

Made from a Polyurethane frame, the Goggles are designed to be lightweight, yet strong.

Sizes – Youth

Fitment – Designed for optimal field of view and comfort

Frame – Lightweight polyurethane frame

Lens – premium anti-scratch & anti-fog coatings, pre-installed tear off lens posts

Strap – 40mm adjustable double buckle strap

Available on Amazon starting at $21.99

The Fly Racing Youth Zone MTB Goggles are an upgraded version of their Focus Goggles.

They come with a lot of upgrades that make the added cost worth it.

With the upgraded 3-layer foam made for the face, you expect superior moisture management, as well as comfort.

The best deal with these glasses are the included tear off lens covers that come standard, along with the extra microfiber Goggle bag for storage.

Sizes – Youth

Fitment – Designed for Comfort

Frame – Flexible, yet Durable urethane

Lens – Clear or Mirrored, anti-fog, scratch resistant Lexan lens

Strap – Oversized 45mm silicon coated strap

Available on Amazon starting at $32.26

The Accuri Youth MTB Goggles from 100% are one of the best Goggles to buy if you’re looking for low profile lenses with max visibility.

Even with such a good price point, you get premium triple layer foam for moisture management and a flexible and durable urethane frame.

Although most youth goggles can feel a bit intrusive at first, the Accuri Youth MTB Goggles are designed to comfort from the start.

And you can rest assured that they will stay in place on even the roughest rides, with the 45mm oversized head strap.

Sizes – Youth

Fitment – Open face foam that balances sweat dissipation and comfort

Frame – Flexible and Durable

Lens – Shatterproof and clear lenses

Strap – 40mm woven elastic strap

Available on Amazon starting at $21.49

A solid budget option for Youth MTB Goggles are the Youth Nova Goggles from Answer.

Featuring a flexible frame designed to pass the European CE certification, these are some of the most durable MTB Goggles on the market.

And for such an appealing price point, you get polycarbonate shatterproof lenses and high-quality foam that dissipates sweat.

This is a great option if you’re looking for Youth MTB Goggles that can take a beating.

Sizes – Youth

Fitment – Designed for smaller riders

Frame – Durable urethane frame

Lens – anti-fog and 100 UV protection lenses

Strap – 40mm silicone strap

Available on Amazon starting at $15.84

Another great budget option for Youth MTB Goggles are the Agent Mini Goggles from Scott.

Meant to be an entry level MTB Goggles for the smallest of riders, these goggles are frequently on sale for a steal of a price.

Although the price point is cheap, there are still plenty of quality features like anti-fog and UV protection lenses, and a no-slip silicon head strap.

Sizes – Youth

Fitment – fitted for smaller sizes

Frame – Efficient urethane frame, made for ventilation and field of view

Lens – 100% UV protection Lexan lenses

Strap – 45mm non-slip silicone strap

Available on Amazon starting at $29.97

One of the biggest names in extreme sports, the Air Space Youth Goggles from Fox Racing are touted as the most advanced Goggles on the market.

By focusing on increasing the “air space” within the frame, the Air Space MTB Youth Goggles aim to take “ventilation, peripheral vision and comfort to a new level.”

And with all these premium features, your child will have these Goggles for years to come.

Sizes – Youth

Fitment – Specially designed for smaller faces

Frame – Impact resistant, designed for Youth sizes

Lens – anti-fog and 100% UV Protection

Strap – 40mm

Available on Amazon starting at $35

Already famous for their stylish sunglasses the XS O-Frame Youth MTB Goggles from Oakley are a solid pick for your child’s next pair of MTB Goggles.

Designed specially to fit smaller faces, with their high quality 3-layer foam design, these MTB Goggles are sure to be a comfortable fit for your child.

Although these MTB Goggles aren’t as advanced as some of the others in this list, you can’t deny the build quality and style guaranteed from Oakley.

Sizes – Youth

Fitment – made specially for smaller face sizes

Frame – flexible yet durable

Lens – Clear, lightweight and tough Lexan lenses

Strap – triple silicone strap for maximum grip

Available on BTO Sports starting at $19.79

Our final budget MTB Goggle for kids is the B-Flex Jr Youth MTB Goggle from Blur.

And while they may not be as well known, they are definitely a quality pair of Youth MTB Goggles.

Like some of the more premium goggles on the list, these have a high quality 3-layer foam for comfort and moisture wicking.

Finally, they also feature quality lenses with anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV Protection.

kids mtb goggles

Things to Consider

While you can easily review each individual pair of Goggles, you should also know what to look for when you shop for MTB Goggles for your child.

To help you make the best decision, we broke down a few variables you should consider.


Price is often the first deciding factor when it comes to any purchase and it is no different when buying Youth MTB goggles.

No industry is free of brands that markup prices just adding their name to the product, however, there are many factors that may influence how much you’re willing to fork out for a pair of kids MTB goggles.

If your child is relatively new to the sport or using MTB goggles, there is a good chance they will get scuffed up and scratched pretty quick. There is no sense in dropping $100+ dollars on the best pair of MTB goggles in this case.

However, if your child has been riding for a while and is looking for an upgraded pair, there is a good chance they more than earned the best pair of MTB goggles possible.

Regardless, only spend what you feel comfortable spending, as you will have the best idea how to balance between budget and performance.

Build Quality

With the long history of Mountain Biking and the popularity of the more intense denominations of the sport, Mountain Bike gear, including Goggles, has came a long way in the sense of quality and performance.

On top of this, the more popular brands are backed by years of research and development, providing the most efficient and cost-effective product possible.

While you can always find lesser known brands with great quality, sticking to some of the more well-known brands is a great way to guarantee that you’re getting a quality product.

Again, some brands will markup their prices if they know they hold a majority share of the market, however, maintaining a good user base require consistently superior products and build quality.

When deciding on a new pair of MTB goggles for your child, keep in mind the quality of the material used for everything from the lenses to the head strap.

Field of View

Although MTB Goggles have the most eye protection, they also have the unfortunate side effect of having the most restricting view. Just the nature of Mountain Bike goggles makes them a little bulky, so you may want to keep this in mind if you feel like this will be a problem for your child. Luckily, the youth MTB goggles in this list are all built specifically for the smaller face and head sizes of children.

With that being said, the field of view on most MTB goggles is not too limiting compared to how well it protects your vision.


Ventilation is a vital area to consider when buying MTB goggles for your child. There is nothing worse than thinking you found the best goggles, just to see them fog up on a hot day, limiting your child’s view, making the goggles counterproductive.

On top of this, you can really work up a sweat wearing goggles, as they take up majority of your face and there is often a thick strap that goes around your head.


Fit is going to be one of the most important factors to your child. Not only does fit involve how the goggles conform to the face, it also determines how your goggles will interact with your helmet, camera, etc.

In most cases, there are youth goggles made in a standard size as well as a more low-profile size. Most of the time, this consists of a slimmer frame and a skinnier head strap.

Depending on the size of your child’s head, along with their personal preference, you may want to choose one style over the other.


When shopping for MTB goggles for your child, you will have the option to choose between a few different styles of lenses.

Just like sunglasses, the type of lens will depend primarily on the kind of protection you need from the Sun.

If your child plans on riding in consistently bright settings, you will want to choose a lens that provides the necessary protection from the light and Sun rays.

Beyond the standard protection from light, you can also choose additional properties for your lenses.

Some manufacturers offer lens materials that prevent the accumulation of fog and can also wick moisture away. This is actually a popular option with most goggles, and you can even find lenses with removable covers.


Whether your child is out riding, or even packing gear for a trip, their MTB goggles can get knocked around and scratched.

If the lenses are scratched enough to restrict their view, there’s a good chance they will need to get them replaced. Luckily, there are a few brands that offer replacement lenses for their MTB goggles.

Depending on how much you’re looking to spend, this may be a feature you want to look into ahead of time.

Child’s Preference

Finally, you should always keep in mind what your child would prefer amongst their options.

Some Youth MTB goggles only come in a few styles or colors. Don’t buy a loud color if your child is more low-profile in their style preference, and vice versa.


In conclusion, there are a few minor features that separate most Youth MTB Goggles.

Use this guide to help you decide which variables and features to prioritize.

I hope you find the best fit for you and your young rider.

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