5 Best Phone Mounts for Mountain Biking

best mtb phone mounts

Even though there are plenty of Cycling Computers and GPS units on the market today, its hard to argue with the features and versatility of Smartphones.

And while some riders recommend the use of these dedicated units, there is still a majority of riders who would like the ability to mount a cellphone to their bike.

But unlike the standard phone mounts you see on Road Bikes, Mountain Biking requires a mounting setup that can handle a lot of stress and use.

So when you decide to get a phone mount for your Mountain Bike, you really need to make sure it’s a quality mount with features that support hard use.

If you’re in the market for one of these mounts, we put together a list of the highest rated phone mounts for Mountain Biking, along with the qualities you should look for when you make your decision.

Starting off, the best Phone Mounts for Mountain Bikes are the ones with a setup like the Quadlock system. These styles of phone mounts not only grip the bars well, they also safely hold your phone during rough riding. For a list of the best phone mounts for Mountain Biking on Amazon, keep reading below.


phone mounted on mountain bike

Like I mentioned before, the phone mounts that you put on Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes are separate animals entirely. The Phone mounts that can handle Mountain Biking are a lot stronger and slightly different in design.

To help you make sure you’re picking the best mount, I put together a list of requirements, and added their rating to each phone mount we recommend.

Ease of Accessing the Phone

The whole reason you’re using a cellphone in the first place, is for the features and functionality. So make sure you avoid phone mounts that limits or prohibits the use of your device. A lot of the cheaper mounts will have a setup that either occupies the 4 corners of your phone, or even places it behind a thick plastic shield to hold it in place. While these mounts may seem like a great idea, you will soon find that they limit the use of your device, almost making it easier to just keep your phone in your backpack. The best phone mounts still allow the use of your device, with some even coming with specialized phone cases for your device.

Security to Bike

A big problem with most bike phone mounts, is the fact that they’re not as secure to the bike or handlebar as you would like. Add the stresses of Mountain Biking and you can bet that your phone mount will be spinning around or even falling off. In addition to the poor design, cell phones are really heavy and bulky, so its tough to secure them to a round area. You will notice that a lot of the cheaper phone mounts have a rubber compound strap or similar acting as the tensioner to your handlebar. While this seems like a quick and easy setup, these are often the worst ones to get. On the flip side, you can actually buy a phone mount that secures to your headset or at least has a more solid connection to your handlebars.

Security to Phone

The next big worry with phone mounts, is how secure they are to the phone. This is another issue you will run into if you buy a cheap phone mount to Mountain Bike with, as they often have really simple and unsecure systems that grip your phone. The better made phone mounts will have silicone straps or entire cases housed around your device, making it near impossible to lose your phone while riding. When deciding on a phone mount to take Mountain Biking, make sure you’re confident that your phone won’t slip out of the mounting assembly.

Ease of Setup and Transfer

As I mentioned before, there are definitely going to be times where you want to either remove your phone mount, or to at least transfer to another place. This is something a lot of people forget to think about when they buy their first phone mount, so make sure you take this in to account. You may want a phone mount that allows easy transfer of your phone from your bike to your car. You may even want to remove the phone mount after every ride. In this case, having a phone mount that is a pain to get off and setup would be a nightmare after a while. Save yourself the minor inconveniences and think ahead.

Weather Resistance

Although there are plenty of dedicated GPS units and bike computers with built-in weather resistance, smartphones have come a long way in their resistance to the elements, specifically rain. Naturally, Mountain biking will subject your phone to all types of conditions, whether they be wet, dusty, or full of mud. In addition to a phone mount that can withstand the elements, you may also want to get a phone mount that allows you to protect your device. I once had a phone mount that did a good job of holding my phone, however, it was too small to let me keep my protective case around my phone, something that definitely won’t work out on the trail. If your phone happens to slip from the mount while Mountain Biking, there’s a good chance its going to get dirty or muddy. Some phone mounts even come with their own protective housing for your phone.

Crash Protection

A big complaint you will see with most riders who choose to use a phone mount while Mountain Biking, is the fact they break or loose their phone after a minor crash. While an OTB crash can damage just about any mount you decide to put on your bike, there are definitely a few mounts that you should still avoid if you’re crash-prone. Anything that sticks out far from the bike or secures with a weak connection to the bike, is a great way to lose a phone during a crash.

Special Requirements

Some phone mounts will require special cases or similar in order to function. While this may be something you want in regard to protection, it may not work for everyone’s situation.

Ease of Accessing the Phone – Quad Lock’s mounts allow for full access to your device, as they often come with a case that fits your phone specifically.

Security to Bike – The mount either fastens to your stem with two silicone straps, or it wraps around your handlebar with a screw that allows you to regulate tension.

Security to Phone – With the specialized case or the universal adapter, the chances of your device slipping from the mount are virtually nonexistent.

Ease of Setup and Transfer – You can easily mount and dismount the phone with one hand. Removing the mount from your bike is as easy as removing two bands.

Weather Resistance – Quad Lock makes their mounts with material that stands up to the elements. They also offer protective covers to place over your device when you ride.

Crash Protection – The phone is kept close to your bike at all times, to minimize damage during a crash

Special Requirements – As mentioned before, Quad Lock phone mounts work in conjunction with a phone case. So you will either need to buy the case that fits your phone, or buy the universal adapter to use the case of your choice.

One of the biggest names in cellphone mounting solutions is Quad Lock. Their patented design has been featured on platforms such as The New York Times and Forbes, and they have a loyal consumer base to back it up.

The Quad Lock system was born when Australian designer, Chris Peters, wanted to find a way to mount his phone to his bike so that he could use Google Maps. After surveying the phone mounts available at the time, he found that they were not only bulky, they didn’t do the best job of staying secure to the bike.

Featuring a solid but minimalists design, Quad Lock offers some of the most versatile mounts on the market. And they don’t just design mounts for cyclists, their mounts are designed to seamlessly transfer from bike, to car, to person.

Ease of Accessing the Phone – Similar to Quad Lock, this mounting system uses a specialized phone case that allows full use of your device.

Security to Bike – One of the most secure mounting options of all phone mounts.

Security to Phone – The RokForm phone mount also uses a secure phone case with added magnetism. The case even has a spot to connect a lanyard in case of drops.

Ease of Setup and Transfer – Although the case and mount are magnetized, it is easy to remove the device with one hand.

Weather Resistance – The aircraft aluminum mount is weather resistant; however, the case does not protect from water and dirt.

Crash Protection – The phone case that is made with a dual compound polycarbonate that is both impact and drop resistant.

Special Requirements – Again, you will need to use the RokForm phone case in conjunction with the mount.

A quick search on Google and you will find that a lot of riders swear by the phone mounts from RokForm.

RokForm offers phone mounts that either mount to the handlebar or directly to the headset, which makes them one of the most secure phone mounts on the market. Their mounts are also magnetic and made out of aircraft aluminum, providing one of the most quality experiences you would expect from a phone mount.

In addition to how secure they are to the bike, both styles of phone mount are adjustable, without being bulky or extending far from the bike.

Similar to Quad Lock, the RokForm phone mounts are successful due to the fact that they use a proprietary phone case to fasten to the mount itself.

Ease of Accessing the Phone – Full access to your device, as the case is made specifically for your phone.

Security to Bike – A great mounting system for handlebars and the most secure mount for the headset.

Security to Phone – The case does a great job of keeping your phone secure to the mount.

Ease of Setup and Transfer – The case and mount setup provide a seamless experience removing and adjusting the mount.

Weather Resistance – The mount is weather resistant; however, the case doesn’t provide too much in the way of weather protection for your phone.

Crash Protection – The mount is built well enough to survive a crash, but the case doesn’t provide the most phone protection.

Special Requirements – Again, you will need the specialized case to work with this phone mount.

A big name in everything outdoors, the company Topeak even offers a few accessories for us Mountain Bikers. One of these hidden gems, is their affordable Topeak Ridecase.

This phone mount borrows a bit from the two companies mentioned above, however, they vary a little in design and material.

This is one of my favorite phone mounts, as its not only affordable, Topeak focused on the features we actually needed. The handlebar mount is secured with a screw that you can tension, and you can even screw the mount directly to the headset cap.

The case that secures your phone to the mount even comes with an integrated stand.

Ease of Accessing the Phone – Slightly limiting due to how the phone secures to the mount, with rubber straps occupying the four corners of your device.

Security to Bike – Really solid connection to handlebar, with screw that applies the tension to your handlebar.

Security to Phone – Secure with the four straps and grip points around the device, however, the assembly is prone to move.

Ease of Setup and Transfer – Slightly inconveniencing as you remove and secure your device.

Weather Resistance – Allows use of your phone and case, with material made to withstand all weather.

Crash Protection – The mount can stick out quite a bit, making it prone to break during a crash.

Special Requirements – n/a

Popular with motorcycle riders, RAM Mounts makes some really solid mounts for your phone.

Straying away from the design mentioned in the mounts before, RAM mounts have a special ball and grip system that holds your phone on your bike.

Unfortunately, I am not the biggest fan of this design, as it is prone to move during really rough rides. And although this system does not require a specialized case, it does use rubber straps that hook around the corners of your phone.

As well, this mount can only attach to your handlebar or stem, so make sure you have enough room to add it to your bike. Finally, this mount is a little larger than the other mounts mentioned in this list, so this may be something you want to avoid.

Ease of Accessing the Phone – Limited access due to the four straps around the corners of the device.

Security to Bike – Not the most secure, meant for basic riding

Security to Phone – Again, not the most secure solution for mounting your phone

Ease of Setup and Transfer – Simple setup and adjustment, as the mechanisms are made from a series of straps.

Weather Resistance – This mount allows the use of a phone case, so make sure you ride with one around your phone.

Crash Protection – The mount is not the strongest, so make sure you ride with a phone case.

Special Requirements – n/a

Finally, if you are looking for a cheap and easy solution for mounting your phone to your bike, not many can beat the Wraptor by Nite Ize.

This phone mount is not the most secure, however, it is one of the simplest setups for your needs.

Again, I wouldn’t recommend any crazy riding while your bike is secure to one of these, however, for a regular Mountain Bike ride, this one should do the trick.


In conclusion, there are many more phone mounts are the market that could be suitable for Mountain Biking. Use this list as a guide to know what to look for, or feel free to visit the links for each phone mount.

Good luck in your decision and safe riding!

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