Where to Rent a Car with a Bike Rack?


Looking to book an awesome trip with your bikes?

Here’s how to find car rentals with bike racks.

Aside from renting a truck with the bed space to hold bikes, there are 2 ways you can transport your bikes with a rental car.

Car Rental Companies with Bike Racks

Unfortunately, there are not many Car Rental Companies that offer Bike Racks in addition to the rental.
Depending on your region, Hertz car rental is starting to offer Bike Rack rentals services, with, or without a car. But don’t expect this service in the USA just yet.

In order to rent a car with a bike rack in the USA, you will have to use a service like Turo. Although there is always the occasional special circumstance, Turo is the only service to advertise Car rentals with Bike Racks on their website.

Using Your Existing Bike Rack with a Rental Car

The other option is to just use your own Bike rack on the Rental car.

But please be warned.

While the specifics of Bike Racks are not always mentioned in the rental contract, please be aware that this is not typically something a Car Rental Company will approve of. In fact, most Car Rental Companies specifically prohibit any towing or hitching with their cars.

If you find that you can use your Bike Rack on your Rental Car, make sure you are confident that you will cause no damage to the vehicle during the process. It is not standard for an Insurance policy to cover any damage you may have caused through use of a Bike Rack, so make sure you are prepared.

In Conclusion

There are not many options for those of us who are looking to use a Rental Car with a Bike Rack.

Make sure you do plenty of research to find the best option for you, and always be aware of the potential risks you may encounter if you chose to use your own Bike Rack.

If you have found a better way to find Car Rentals with Bike Racks, please comment below so we can share with the community.

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