The Best Free Music for your MTB Videos – 5 Quality Resources


When I first started making Mountain Bike videos, I quickly realized the importance of camera settings and good background music.

Being on a budget, I also found out how hard it was to actually find anything free and worth the download.

After scouring every website and forum on the web, I finally compiled a list of resources that could give the premium services a run for their money.


Fortunately, the best free music online comes from rather reputable sources like; YouTube, Free Music Archive and even SoundCloud. Among the many services online advertised as “free”, the resources I compiled in this list are completely free, meeting the criteria I mandated below:

• Completely Free to Download and Use.

• No Subscription Required.

• No Licensing Necessary.

• You can use for commercial purpose.

As a precursor, I assume that you’re already aware of the different licensing requirements and regulations when using someone else’s media online. I am in no way a certified professional and recommend that you first arm yourself with the knowledge of licensing from a reputable source like

I kept things simple with this list to abide by my “completely free” requirement, but I still advise that you check each file you download to see what the requirements dictate. Although each download is free, you may still need to credit the artist, what is known as “attribution”. Some files may even have special limitations or privileged not immediately advertised.

Starting off, I have to give the top spot to YouTube Audio.

A seemingly endless library of quality tracks, searchable by Genre, Mood, and Attribution Requirement.

Like any other resource you use, you may have to spend time looking through the list, but once you’ve found your favorite tracks, it’s easy to download them into categories.

Licensing: No Attribution & Attribution Required.

Features: Search by Genre, Mood, Attribution Requirement, Duration and Instrument.

The Fine Print: Some files require attribution and will provide an information icon with steps to do so.

Bonus: This library also has Sound Effects!


Filmmusic is also a solid choice for Royalty-free music.

They have a large library of tracks searchable by genre as well, however, all the files require attribution and will advise so before download.

I particularly like the “Charts” and “Similar Music features”, as this provides a more intuitive way to find the best tracks.

Licensing: Attribution Required.

Features: Charts, Similar Music and Rating system. Searchable by Genre, Topics and Artists.

The Fine Print: Attribution and Conditions vary track to track, so make sure you read the exact requirements on each file.

Bonus: Rating system on each track to show number “likes”.


Free Music Archive is a well-known resource for Royalty-free music.

They have one of the most in-depth genre category systems and a dense library to back it up. Search by Genre, Curator or Chart and filter by the specific Creative Commons license.

They are still adding pages and working on the UI, but the website is pretty straight forward to navigate.

Licensing: No Attribution & Attribution Required.

Features: Search by Genre, Curator or Chart and filter by the specific Creative Commons license.

The Fine Print: Some songs prohibit commercial use, so make sure you check the specific Creative Commons license agreements and conditions for each file.

Bonus: Songs show number of downloads, listens’, etc.

Purple Planet is an ambitious and helpful resource for free Royalty-free music.

They don’t have the most attractive site, but the library is easy to navigate, and the terms are easy to understand.

Similar to some of the other options on the list, you can search by genre, mood and trending.

Licensing: Attribution required

Features: Search by Genre, Mood and Trending

The Fine Print: The free files are only available in MP3 and there are some additional limitations, but only in certain instances.

Bonus: Simple Navigation

5. YouTube Channels

Growing in popularity, Royalty-free music channels are popping up on YouTube, offering some quality content with the small requirement of attribution.

You can find just about anything by filtering your YouTube search by Creative Commons license, however, I will provide a few great resources below:

  1. ArgoFox  
  2. Audio Library 
  3. NoCopyrightSounds
  4. Vlog Music 
  5. Free Beats 

Licensing: Attribution Required

Features: Save to a playlist on YouTube, Subscribe to the channel

The Fine Print: All songs require attribution, and some may have limitations, always check each file for specific requirements.

Bonus: Benefits of YouTube Community


In conclusion, it can be a bit of a challenge finding good resources that offer quality music at no cost.

But with a little creativity and determination, you may be surprised to find that there’s a lot of quality content out there just waiting to be shared.

Like I mentioned before, please remember to check the licensing requirements and conditions for each piece of music you download and have fun making your next MTB video!

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